What is Krypcore Web3?

KrypCore Web3 is a powerful toolkit designed to streamline the development of Web3 applications and decentralized applications (dApps) for enterprises. With its comprehensive suite of infrastructure, SDKs, and APIs, Krypcore Web3 simplifies the entire development process, enabling businesses to build and deploy their Web3 use cases with ease.

Building with Krypcore Web3

Step 1: Create Endpoint and Configure Infrastructure

Begin by setting up your endpoints, whether you prefer shared or dedicated nodes, across a range of supported protocols. Krypcore Web3 provides a robust infrastructure foundation to ensure reliable and scalable performance.

Step 2: Create dApp Configuration

Effortlessly map your endpoint and services to create a customized Dapp configuration. This step allows you to tailor your dApp to meet your specific requirements and integrate seamlessly with the underlying infrastructure.

Step 3: Build with Ease

Leverage the power of Krypcore Web3's SDKs, APIs, and easy builder tools to bring your Dapp to life. Whether you're working with wallets, NFTs, fungible tokens, DIDs, distributed storage, or smart contracts, Krypcore Web3 provides comprehensive kits and APIs for each use case, ensuring a smooth development experience.

Step 4: Go Live

With your dApp developed and tested, it's time to go live. Krypcore Web3 empowers you to seamlessly deploy your dApp, offering features such as smart contract analytics and the ability to pay gas fees on behalf of your users, improving user experience and simplifying the onboarding process.

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