Power Methods

The SDK provides a set of powerful methods categorized into three main sections: Storage Power Methods, Wallet Power Methods, and Utils Power Methods. These methods offer advanced functionalities to enhance your development experience and enable seamless integration with various components of your application.

Storage Power Methods

The Storage Power Methods allow you to interact with decentralized storage systems such as IPFS (InterPlanetary File System). With these methods, you can easily upload files, fetch files, manage storage configurations, and more. They provide a convenient and efficient way to store and retrieve data within your decentralized applications.

Example Storage Power Methods:

  • uploadFile: Uploads a file to IPFS

  • fetchFile: Retrieves a file from IPFS

  • unpinFile: Unpins a file from IPFS

Wallet Power Methods

The Wallet Power Methods provide functions for working with wallets and enable interactions with metamask or non-custodial wallets. These methods empower you to perform various wallet-level operations such as signing messages, verifying signatures, retrieving wallet balances, and more. They offer seamless integration with popular wallet providers to enhance the security and functionality of your applications.

Example Wallet Power Methods:

  • signMessage: Signs a message using the user's wallet.

  • verifySignature: Verifies the authenticity of a signature.

  • getBalance: Retrieves the wallet balance of a specific address.

  • sendTransaction: Sends a transaction using the user's wallet.

  • connectWallet: Connects the application to a user's wallet.

Utils Power Methods

The Utils Power Methods encompass a range of utility functions that provide additional functionalities to your application. These methods cover various areas, including ENS (Ethereum Name Service) name resolution, address conversions, cryptographic operations, and other useful utilities. They simplify complex operations and streamline common tasks within your application.

Example Utils Power Methods:

  • resolveENSName: Resolves an ENS name to its corresponding Ethereum address.

  • convertAddress: Converts an address from one format to another (e.g., from checksummed to non-checksummed).

  • generateMnemonic: Generates a secure mnemonic phrase for wallet creation.

  • encryptData: Encrypts sensitive data using cryptographic algorithms.

  • decodeBase64: Decodes a Base64-encoded string.

These power methods offer extensive capabilities to streamline and enhance the functionality of your decentralized applications. By utilizing these methods, you can leverage the full potential of decentralized storage, wallet integration, and various utility operations to build robust and feature-rich applications.

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