DID Service Endpoints

DID Endpoints

Setting up the infrastructure for your Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) is a crucial step in building your DID use case. With KrypCore Web3, you can easily create a dedicated DID endpoint to manage and control DIDs within your application.

Creating a DID Endpoint

To establish the infrastructure for your DID use case, you need to create a DID endpoint. The DID endpoint serves as the entry point for interacting with DIDs and enables you to perform various operations related to DID management and identity verification.

By setting up a DID endpoint using KrypCore Web3, you gain access to a comprehensive set of APIs and tools specifically designed for seamless integration and management of DIDs.

DID Manager APIs

Once you have created your DID endpoint, you can leverage the powerful DID Manager APIs provided by KrypCore Web3 to build your DID use case. These APIs enable you to perform a wide range of operations related to DID lifecycle management and credential issuance.

With the DID Manager APIs, you have the flexibility and control to design and implement your desired DID workflows, empowering individuals and entities to have full ownership and control over their digital identities.

For detailed information on the available DID Manager APIs and their usage, please refer to the API Reference section of the KrypCore Web3 documentation.

By combining the creation of a DID endpoint and the utilization of the DID Manager APIs, you can build robust and secure DID solutions within your decentralized applications. The infrastructure provided by KrypCore Web3 lays the foundation for implementing self-sovereign identity and enhancing privacy and control over digital identities.

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