Storage Manager

KrypCore Web3's Storage Manager simplifies the process of securely storing and managing files on distributed storage networks. With Storage Manager, you can seamlessly upload files to your preferred distributed storage network and easily manage them through an intuitive user interface.

Uploading Files to Distributed Storage

Storage Manager provides a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to upload files effortlessly to your chosen distributed storage network. Currently, we offer support for IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), a decentralized and distributed file storage protocol. With just a few clicks, you can select files from your local machine and upload them to IPFS, ensuring redundancy and data availability across the network.

Managing Files on Distributed Storage

Once your files are uploaded, Storage Manager provides convenient management features. You can view and organize your uploaded files through the dashboard, making it easy to navigate and locate specific files as needed. Additionally, you have the flexibility to unpin files from the distributed storage network, allowing you to reclaim storage resources and manage your file storage efficiently.

APIs for Distributed Storage

In addition to the user-friendly UI, Storage Manager also exposes a set of APIs that enable seamless integration with distributed storage networks. With these APIs, you can programmatically store files on IPFS or other supported networks, providing flexibility and control over your file storage operations. The APIs allow you to leverage the power of distributed storage within your own applications, making it easier to build decentralized file sharing, content distribution, and other innovative solutions.

KrypCore Web3's Storage Manager empowers you to harness the benefits of distributed storage, such as IPFS, for your file storage needs. Whether you are building decentralized applications, content platforms, or data archival systems, Storage Manager offers a user-friendly interface and robust APIs to streamline your file storage workflows.

For comprehensive documentation on utilizing Storage Manager, including API references and detailed guides, refer to the resources available in the KrypCore Web3 platform.

Leverage the power of distributed storage with KrypCore Web3's Storage Manager and secure your files in the decentralized era.

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