Release Notes v1.0.0

Release Notes: Phase 1

We are excited to announce the release of KrypCore Web3 Phase 1, a comprehensive platform that empowers developers and enterprises to seamlessly adopt and leverage web3 technologies. This release focuses on supporting multiple blockchain protocols, storage protocols, and offering a range of powerful services and enablers. Here are the key highlights of Phase 1:

  1. Blockchain Protocol Support:

    • Ethereum: Connect and interact with the Ethereum blockchain network, enabling seamless integration of smart contracts and decentralized applications.

    • Polygon: Leverage the scalability and low-cost transactions of the Polygon network for efficient decentralized application development.

    • Avalanche: Utilize the Avalanche blockchain's high-performance consensus protocol for fast and secure transactions.

    • Arbitrum: Explore the benefits of layer 2 scalability and low-cost transactions on the Arbitrum network.

    • Optimism: Harness the power of Optimistic Ethereum to achieve scalability and cost-effectiveness for your decentralized solutions.

    • Binance Smart Chain: Connect and interact with the Binance Smart Chain, offering fast and low-cost transactions.

    • Fantom: Leverage the Fantom blockchain's high-speed and secure infrastructure for decentralized application development.

    • Hedera: Utilize the Hedera network's enterprise-grade features and high-performance consensus algorithm.

    • Solana: Access the Solana blockchain's fast and scalable ecosystem for building high-performance decentralized applications.

    • Base: Connect with the Base blockchain, offering a robust foundation for your decentralized solutions.

  2. Storage Protocol:

    • IPFS: Seamlessly integrate with the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) for secure and decentralized storage of your application's files and data.

  3. Services and Enablers:

    • EasyNFT: Create, manage, and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) effortlessly, opening up new possibilities for digital asset ownership and unique experiences.

    • FT Manager: Mint and manage fungible tokens (FTs) within your decentralized applications, simplifying token management and enabling seamless transactions.

    • Smart Contract Studio: Develop and deploy smart contracts easily using a visual interface, templates, and code editors, accelerating the development process.

    • DID Manager: Manage and interact with decentralized identities, allowing for secure verification, credential issuance, and identity-related operations.

    • Storage Manager: Seamlessly store and manage data within decentralized storage infrastructures, providing efficient and secure data management for decentralized applications.

    • Datalake: Gain insights into your application's data transactions, API usage, costs, and other metrics for better performance optimization.

    • Custodial Wallet: Securely manage digital assets, execute transactions, and integrate with decentralized applications using a user-friendly wallet solution.

    • Gasless Transactions: Execute transactions without the need for gas fees, enhancing user experience and simplifying transaction management.

We are thrilled to bring you Phase 1 of KrypCore Web3, enabling you to leverage the power of multiple blockchain protocols, decentralized storage, and a wide range of services and enablers. This release sets the foundation for your journey into the world of web3 technologies, empowering you to build innovative decentralized solutions.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey, and we look forward to your feedback as we continue to enhance and expand the capabilities of KrypCore Web3.

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