Add on Services

In addition to its core offerings, KrypCore Web3 provides a range of powerful add-on services that enhance the functionality and user experience of your decentralized applications (Dapps).


KrypCore Web3's Datalake is a comprehensive analytics and data management service designed to unlock advanced insights into your Dapp's performance and user interactions. With Datalake, you gain access to detailed transaction data, real-time metrics, and customizable analytics dashboards, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your Dapp's performance. Additionally, Datalake provides exporting capabilities, enabling you to extract data for further analysis or integration with external systems.

Gasless Transactions

Gasless Transactions is a game-changing feature offered by KrypCore Web3 that revolutionizes the user experience of your Dapp. Traditionally, users had to pay gas fees for every transaction on the blockchain, which could be a barrier for adoption and hinder the onboarding process. With Gasless Transactions, KrypCore Web3 enables users of your Dapp to perform transactions without the need to pay gas fees upfront. Instead, the gas fees are covered by your Dapp, making the transaction process seamless and frictionless for your users. This feature greatly enhances the user experience, reduces user barriers, and accelerates the growth and adoption of your Dapp.

KrypCore Web3's Datalake and Gasless Transactions are powerful add-on services that extend the capabilities of your Dapps. By leveraging Datalake's advanced analytics and data management features, you can gain valuable insights and drive data-informed decisions. Gasless Transactions, on the other hand, enhances the user experience and removes the complexity of gas fee management, enabling a smoother onboarding and transaction process for your users.

To learn more about these add-on services, including detailed usage instructions and integration guides, refer to the comprehensive documentation and resources available in the KrypCore Web3 platform.

Unlock new possibilities and enhance your Dapp's performance with KrypCore Web3's Datalake and Gasless Transactions.

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